Do I Need to Clean My Ducts After an HVAC Tune Up Service in Pompano Beach, FL?

As a homeowner, it is important to keep your air ducts clean and free from contaminants. According to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), it is recommended to clean air ducts every three to five years. This is especially important if you have recently remodeled your home or if you have noticed any unwanted pests, such as mice or cockroaches, in your home. Additionally, if you have seen any mold in your air ducts, it is essential to have them cleaned as soon as possible. At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating in Pompano Beach, we provide expert HVAC maintenance services that are tailored to your needs.

Our team of professionals are knowledgeable about the specific problems that can arise due to the salty ocean air and hot, humid summers in Pompano Beach. If your air conditioner stops working or is not working properly, it is important to have it repaired immediately. Regular maintenance is essential for prolonging the life of your HVAC system and helping it withstand the heat and humidity of summer in Pompano Beach. Year-round HVAC services in Pompano Beach, Florida are necessary to keep your home comfortable and free from potential contaminants or other issues. At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating in Pompano Beach, we offer comprehensive HVAC tune up services that include cleaning and inspecting the air ducts. Our team of experienced technicians will inspect all components of your HVAC system and make sure they are functioning properly.

We will also check for any signs of mold or other contaminants that could be affecting the air quality in your home. After our inspection, we will provide you with a detailed report of our findings and recommendations for any necessary repairs or maintenance. Having your air ducts cleaned after an HVAC tune up service in Pompano Beach, FL is essential for maintaining a healthy home environment. Our team of experts at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating can help you keep your air ducts clean and free from contaminants. Contact us today to learn more about our HVAC tune up services and how we can help you keep your home comfortable all year round.

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